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Finally, Top Gear is back! The first episode lived up to my expectations, some absolutely stunning cars and stunningly stupid stunts. Isn’t that what Top Gear is all about? Unfortunately the season will finish just when I get used to an episode every Monday (AEST), it is only 6 episodes short. As good as I […]

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This was a project that I completed for the 1st year Advanced Software (SOFT1901) stream at Sydney University in 2002. It is a good example of some of my java capabilites, especially applet work. I will post the full applet online in the near future. Click for the full-size image to see more detail:

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I purchased an audiobook today through, which incidentally was the first time I have used the site or purchased an ebook. The process was simple enough, but the whole DRM thing annoys me (thankfully Tunebite helped with that). Getting to the point, the audiobook I purchased was Barack Obama’s “The Audacity of Hope”. Why? […]

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It is not hard to find doomsday predictions for the Real Estate market. Sites such as Who Crashed the Economy are a collation of tales of pending economic (and particularly housing sector) destruction. There is a trend that indicates mortgage stress and housing price falls are limited to the outer suburbs of Sydney, primarily the […]

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