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When starting the Cellular Emulator included in the Windows Mobile 6 SDK I received an error “Com17 is used please verify”. This is a particularly annoying error because it completely prevents the program from even starting. Where is the setting to manually select a COM port? Anyway I managed to stumble upon a solution on […]

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Street view Originally uploaded by Scott Savage The garden is slowly coming together! I cemented in the edging (tumbled limestone pavers turned sideways), planted half of the hedges (other half will be planted once the cement is set) and put chip bark over the areas that will soon be garden beds. Unfortunately I can’t move […]

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Sydney Airport (SYD) is one of the oldest continually operating airports in the world. This also means that the city of Sydney has slowly grown around the airport over the years, with many people now living directly under the flight path. This is particularly true for those in the inner west. When buying a home […]

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InsideCRM posted a good article on the top 5 reasons why a CRM system increases in importance during a recession (the US is in one, it is only a matter of time before Australia and others admit they are in one too). For me, the key is working smarter not harder. When unemployment starts creeping […]

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The backyard blitz work on our front garden is going well, despite the constant drizzle and ambitious nature of the project. At the moment all the grass has been cleared and the garden beds are being built. Tomorrow morning we are heading to Flemington markets to buy some more roses, hedges and hopefully some edging […]

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In my current role I am really  noticing the huge rewards delivered through extensive prototyping and usability testing. The ability to better capture and illustrate user feedback (internally and externally) as well as accelerate application development cannot be undervalued. As they say a picture tells a thousand words, but in this case a functional picture […]

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The latest buzz around Telstra is that they have engaged a recruiter to start the hunt for a new CEO. This rumour comes hot on the heels of his two amigos, Greg Winn and Phil Burgess, returning to the US. Sol has now been CEO of Telstra since way back in 2005 and quickly became […]

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The bushfires in Australia have been simply unbelievable this year. They always flare up over summer, but after a few cooler summers they have come back harsher than ever. So far 108 people have died in Victoria, which is a staggering number. It is difficult to understand the fear people must feel when the fire […]

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There are a ton of Gen Y related articles being written these days, it seems everyone is trying to grapple with this ‘problem’. I read an article today on the MyCareer website which I thought was more perceptive than most, probably because it actually had quotes that I could relate to. The key quotes for me were: […]

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