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I found when using Kohana in FastCGI mode that I was getting error 500 messages without the usual stack trace or error message. This was only happening when I accessed the development server remotely, not when I ran it locally (i.e. http://localhost/). Turns out this is actually the default behaviour for IIS7 with FastCGI. To […]

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garden bed Originally uploaded by Scott Savage My achievement this weekend was this fine looking garden bed! It consists of seven original river red gum railway sleepers, cut to size and propped up on bricks and pavers where necessary. I also had to move the rest of the dirt, probably about a ton in all. […]

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Sometimes people ask me, why do I like Microsoft so much? Most people think it is because of Steve Ballmer, but that is only part of the reason. Really I have loved Microsoft since early in my university days. I even have some content dedicated to myself on the domain! Wow what a fanboi. […]

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