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I believe that the greatest strength of web based applications (as opposed to desktop applications) is that ability to develop a feedback loop. I like examples, so let me run through the top feedback methods that I currently use: Uservoice – This tool allows single sign-on integration to allow you to have a private feedback forum […]

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Seth begins his speech by saying he is going to go fast. I was initially sceptical, but now I have watched this video three times and I am still finding resonating ideas within it. A good product should sell itself. Good products will get recommended. A personal recommendation is more valuable than a website lead. […]

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How many companies clearly define their culture and HR policy in a public way? Jack Welch of GE famously held the view that the bottom 10% of the company should be fired every year, but in the days of labor shortages that would be frowned upon. That’s why it was refreshing for me to see […]

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