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As a trial I have recently migrated my email from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps. Google Apps Standard is free (even for multiple custom domains) and therefore significantly cheaper than my current Microsoft Exchange and Windows VPS setup. The built-in Mail Fetcher tool lets you keep your Google account downloading emails regularly (about every 20 […]

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I have been working on the IPL Live Streaming event that is currently running on YouTube. This has been a huge event for us, with 60 live matches being streamed over only 44 days. This alone is a huge project, however we are also uploading all replays (4+ hrs each) and numerous highlight clips every […]

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 at 16:34 1 comment

This week I attended the Admonsters Cn-us-22 conference in New York Metro. It was my first Admonsters conference, and was very interesting mainly from publisher, pain point, mobile and industry landscape perspectives. I guess the key observations that I had were: No-one is remotely happy with their mobile adserving products, mainly around consistency and reliability […]

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Scott with Liberty Originally uploaded by Scott Savage Just a couple of weeks into my new job and I am off to NYC for the first time to get trained up. I left Friday morning Australian time and arrived Friday afternoon ET, despite the fact there were 20+ hours of flight time in between (seriously […]

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