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17 months, 52 days of full time study, 3 major assignments and 10 exams later I have finally graduated with my Global Executive MBA from INSEAD! Given I now have the benefit of hindsight, let me try and answer some of the big questions I had going into the program: Should I do the MBA […]

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015 at 00:00 1 comment

Tomorrow I am starting the Global Executive MBA Asia programme at INSEAD, Singapore. The decision was a huge one, and many months after doing the entrance exam I am finally ready to start. I wanted to capture my feelings before I start, because I truly hope that I see significant change upon reflecting at the […]

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Email marketing is not just spam, it is an important way of updating and maintaining a relationship with your customers. For many however it is a black art (literally) plagued by blacklists and emails disappearing into black holes. The various explanations for failed email delivery however are often highly technical and involve trial and error […]

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Cloud Computing should be understood as an evolutionary rather than revolutionary approach to delivering software. I think the rPath video below is the best explanation I have seen of Cloud Computing. It represents this evolutionary process without getting bogged down in the technical jargon, it even uses a car metaphor (which everyone loves).

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This was a project that I completed for the 1st year Advanced Software (SOFT1901) stream at Sydney University in 2002. It is a good example of some of my java capabilites, especially applet work. I will post the full applet online in the near future. Click for the full-size image to see more detail:

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After 5 years of study Uni is finally over! It is a pretty weird feeling, extremely happy yet kind of weird that the routine I have established is going to be broken. I will miss the late starts and extensive holidays, but I guess the pay of a full time job and a close office […]

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There is a simple reason why my blog hasn’t been updated lately, I have been absolutely snowed under with Uni work. Primarily the work is related to my thesis. You can read my thesis blog at the Usyd portfolio website or even read the RSS feed. The project I am working on is developing a CRM […]

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