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Online media is growing up. All the big media players (News, Fairfax etc.) are currently fighting it out with the new kids on the block, online pure plays (Google, Microsoft, etc.). The prize is the rapidly growing pool of online advertising revenue, predicted to pass the US$50 billion mark next year. Historically the provider […]

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Today the Reserve Bank of Australia cut interest rates by 0.75% (0.25% more than the expected 0.5%. That represents a 200 basis point cut over just the last three months. When reading an article on the cut on, I noticed the “Related Coverage” sidebar. Every single piece of news has a different guess; some […]

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It is all happening in the world of Australian Online RealEstate tonight! The board have announced the immediate departure of their long serving (since 2001) CEO, Simon Baker. This was a huge surprise, although the fact that he sent out about 50 LinkedIn recommendation requests to people (myself included) late Friday night should have […]

Monday, August 4th, 2008 at 23:13 2 comments

I emailed the Expert at the other day, hoping to get some advice about a property that I was interested in. I never expected to get a reply, but I got one within the week! I thought that was the end of it, but I found today by chance that it has been posted […]

Sunday, July 27th, 2008 at 23:08 1 comment

It is not hard to find doomsday predictions for the Real Estate market. Sites such as Who Crashed the Economy are a collation of tales of pending economic (and particularly housing sector) destruction. There is a trend that indicates mortgage stress and housing price falls are limited to the outer suburbs of Sydney, primarily the […]

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The NSW Government introduced the First Home Buyer’s Grant Scheme back in the year 2000. The $7000 cash bonus is nice, but it is the stamp duty concession that really helps out. The stamp duty calculator shows that the duty on a $500k home drops from $18,170 to a tiny $180 if you are a first […]

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You thought buying a car was complicated! For anyone wanting a checklist (who doesn’t love a checklist) here is basically mine so far: Open inspection Family inspection / Attempted building inspection Check public transport timetables and/or traffic Pest inspection Building inspection Quotes on repairs and alterations Check heritage listing Check zoning for the area and […]

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