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Is the company you work for a “tech” company? What does this even mean in today’s world where almost every company would grind to a halt without its technology systems? There appear to be short and long term answers to this question. The short term answer is that when you’re disrupting an industry and trying […]

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Last week Liam invited me to participate in a webinar titled “Pivoting Product and Product teams through a Crisis”. It was a real honour to be invited, as the panel was made up of a number of great product leaders from Sydney. Mable in particular has seen some big swings in supply and demand, as […]

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I recently completed the Mastering Growth online course with Harvard. As an avid listener of the Masters of Scale podcast I was aware of the content, but this course really made me take the time to reflect on the themes in the context of my role as CPTO of a startup. The podcast episode that […]

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