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I was just playing my mp3 collection tonight and came across a song I haven’t heard for some time. Entitled “Death Angel” it represents one of my first attempts at making music on a computer. Listening to it now is quite funny, especially seeing as I made it when I was about 16. Anyway I […]

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I had a few random thoughts today regarding what constitutes and IT company. This is actually quite related to one of my previous entries surrounding what makes a company cool. Let’s start with a big one, is Google an IT company? Sounds like a stupid question. Well where does their revenue come from? Well most […]

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This weekend I was at the Bathurst 1000, the greatest V8 race of the year. I took quite a few photos and have put the best ones on Flickr. Check them out and enjoy! Now back to thesis… 🙁 >

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