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KGB Networks Desktop Background

I am now officially on holidays, so today I fiddled around with 3dsmax and Macromedia Fireworks and created this desktop background. It is very light and keeps your desktop looking very nice and ‘clean’.

Windeyer Dibbs

Well it has been a while since i have done any updates! I have been busy working at Windeyer Dibbs Solicitors . I designed that web site and also did all the setup for the web and DNS servers. (If you don’t believe me check the web server version …:-) ). The next thing that i will post is how i setup horde and imp to work with an exchange server. Firstly i just have to get Turba working (not easy!). I may also do some more rack conversions soon!

Store Online

The store is now online. There is a deluxe server and an economy server for sale. Both are 2U Rack Mount (although this can be changed on request). I think you will find them to be competitively priced.

Screenshot of the KGB Networks Store from 2004

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