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Scott Savage's PhotoMy name is Scott Savage, and this is my blog. I initially focused on CRM software, however I have since moved into more fun (consumer facing) products such as YouTube. This blog is a repository for the various thoughts and pieces of information or advice  I accumulate as I progress through my career. It’s been interesting to reflect back on how my opinions have evolved over time. If you find something insightful then that’s a huge bonus for me.

I love products. My goal in life is to be the Product Manger for a magic product, from birth to maturity.

If you are interested in knowing more about me or getting in touch then please add me on LinkedIn, +Scott Savage on Google Plus, Twitter or my contact page. Thanks!



  1. Teg

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for a fantastic web tool to transfer FlickR photos over to Google+. I was keen to start using the new features in Google+ following Google I/O but I probably broke your server by trying to transfer all 7,000 photos (in 138 albums) in one hit.



  2. Josh

    Hey Scott, went to use your tool (which sounds awesome and thanks for creating BTW) to move photos from Flickr to Google Photo following the IO announcement and when I go to sign in to Picasa/Google+, it says that you are using an old version of AuthSub protocol which has been deprecated and that you need to use OAuth2.0. Do you have any plans to do this, recognizing that this is probably a side project for you?

  3. nero

    just a quick update: this is awsome! it works, just very slow , but am getting there 🙂

  4. Kyle Groger

    Hi Scott,

    [The contact form isn’t working, so I’m submitting this here. Will delete it once answered]

    Just looking for a quick update: does FlickrtoPlus still work? Is it just a backlog of files, or will it say “processing” forever?
    Currently I am stuck in that stage, and I just wanted to know if I should start the process manually, or wait it out.

    NOTE: If you reply to this, I will do the work of updating the forum threads with this question.


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