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Month: November 2006

Outlook 2007 without a gateway

For some reason Outlook 2007, unlike Outlook 2003, requires that a network gateway is set before it will connect to your Exchange server. I really wonder whether this is a bug or not, it seems a bizarre requirement when most Exchange servers will be on the local network. I would have thought that most companies would prefer to implement a proxy server and not define a gateway. In fact, a workaround for this problem is to set the http proxy settings within the Account Settings -> Change -> More Settings -> Connection Tab:

If you enter your Outlook Web Access URL in this section then you can connect without a gateway being set. This is obviously not a great solution, it would be nice if it ‘just worked’ like Outlook 2003 always did. This is especially true for corporate network deployments. I am still left wondering whether this is a bug or not, I really can’t understand how it would be a ‘security feature’.

Daydream + Vista = ?

I am such a loser that the colours of Hill Inlet in the Whitsundays reminded me of the Vista aurora. I have therefore created a couple of 1680×1050 (20-22in monitor) wallpapers for you to enjoy:

Crossing the Inlet

Crossing the Inlet

Down the Inlet

Down the Inlet

Please let me know what you think!

Uni is Over

After 5 years of study Uni is finally over! It is a pretty weird feeling, extremely
happy yet kind of weird that the routine I have established is going to be broken.
I will miss the late starts and extensive holidays, but I guess the pay of a full
time job and a close office environment make up for a lot of that.

I apologise for not updating my blog often enough, I had a few final exams to get
out of the way. Now that is done I have updated to the latest version of dasBlog and
will be making some other tweaks on this page. I will even be changing this server
over to 64-bit once Exchange 2007 comes out in December.

Tomorrow morning I will be heading off to Daydream
, which should be absolutely amazing. Below is a picture of the resort I
am staying at (in an Ocean Balcony Room!). I bought it through
I highly recommend that site, I have never used it before but I managed to get the
room for half price! I will be taking my camera with me and will hopefully get some
nice shots while I am away.

Last time I was away (in Noosa) I managed to get a few good shots. I have included
one below which I resized for a 1680×1050 monitor (20-22in). It looks great with the
Vista theme, the grey of the rocks matches quite well. Click the image below to see
the full version:

Anyway now I am back at work there will be lots happening! When i get my thesis back I will post up some photos and let you know how I go.

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