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Windows Mobile 6.5 fails to ActiveSync with Google Apps

Setting up your Windows Mobile 6.5 phone for Google Apps should be simple, there are some clear instructions located here. However I have found that on some HTC Windows based phones the account creation process does not go so smoothly. After a bit of hunting around I found someone who had a fix for me. Here is the more detailed version of how to get it working:

  1. Connect your phone to your PC via the USB cable
  2. Disable all syncing with your PC by clicking Tools -> Options
  3. Click the Settings button and add your Exchange (Apps) account (do not check “Detect Settings”) and check Email syncing only
  4. Sync
  5. Edit the Exchange settings and check “Detect Settings”
  6. Sync
  7. Edit the Exchange settings again and check Calendar and Contacts (no tasks in Apps remember!)
  8. Sync again

And there you go! Not sure if this is a bug in Activesync, the phone or Apps, but it sure is annoying. At least it only occurs on setup, after that everything seems to keep up to date with no problems.

Visit to Google HQ in Mountain View, CA

Scott at Google MTV HQ

Originally uploaded by Scott Savage

Maybe someone has noticed that I haven’t blogged much lately? Well since my last post I got married and have travelled around the US, including to the Google Headquarters in Mountain View, CA. I just had to get a photo in front of the Tyrannosaur that has an appetite for pink flamingoes. It has been an absolute blast ever since joining Google. I just have to make more time to keep up my blogging!

Google Offer

Google offer

Originally uploaded by Scott Savage

Every time I collect the mail I have this thought, there could be something here that will change my life. I little overly dramatic I know, but these days if someone goes to the effort of sending you a snail mail then it is something that needs to be filed away.

I know a job takes over 50% of your waking hours, but it is still amazing how much your job satisfaction affects every aspect of your life. Anyway my package was from Google, and starting Monday my life will be different.

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