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Change to DasBlog

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Today I moved ScottSavage.Net onto the DasBlog platform. This was done mainly to embrace
such modern things as comments, trackbacks, multiple feeds, categorys, pingbacks etc.
These features are things that I wanted to code into my custom solution, however I
just never got the time… 🙁

Anyway this site design will make it easier for me to update my site and hopefully
provide you guys with features you will use and love! I will be migrating all the
old content across ASAP, it is just quite a big process (SQL Server -> .XML conversion).
One more script to write I guess!

Congratulations, you've installed DasBlog!

Be sure to visit all the options under “Configuration” in the Admin Menu Bar above.
There are 16 themes to choose from, and you can also create your own.

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