I managed to get a test drive of a Ferrari 360 Spider today. With a 0-100 km/h figure of 4.5s it is certainly no slouch. It is kind of awe inspiring to drive a car that has been reviewed on Top Gear, a show which I worship. When you are going under 60 km/h the car basically gets very angry and frustrated; lots of bouncing and jolting around. It isn’t until you hit the 100+ km/h mark that it starts to smooth out and the power starts pouring like a creamy Italian espresso. Sorry, after driving and photographing the car today I feel like I need to engage in some Top Gear style journalism too. It was really a great experience, it is just such a shame that we don’t have more roads with decent speed limits. The Old Pacific Highway has lots of patches with 60 km/h limits which ruins the experience, but I guess all the flowers strapped to trees along the way are testament to the reasons for that.