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Google Photos iconGoogle Plus photos has been split out into a separate product, Google Photos. As part of this move there were some API changes, in particular an newly enforced requirement to use OAuth 2.0. With some help we managed to get the tool updated after a period of 1-2 weeks of downtime in late June 2015.

Usage volumes have since been steadily increasing: over the period June – December 2015 daily usage has doubled. I’m not sure whether it’s due to a decline in Flickr usage, and increase in Google Photos usage, or a combination of both (my guess). I need to spend some time working on improving the efficiency of the tool over the holiday period, but until then would ask for your patience. It’s working, it’s just a bit backlogged. Screenshot – Flickr to Google Plus Migration Tool Screenshot Screenshot

I have been using Google Plus a lot more lately, and now feel that the social layer (permissions and annotations) adds substantially to the photo experience. I know this is not a new revelation, but as a long time Flickr Pro customer I felt that the options of “Friends” or “Family” visibility, when I don’t really have either on Flickr, were not enough. Therefore over the 2012 Christmas holiday break I decided to work on a new web tool,

There are two really annoying things about doing this migration for me:

  1. Losing metadata – especially titles and geo data
  2. Downloading/Uploading every file

This tool solves both these problems with the help of the Flickr and Picasa API’s. In fact my server doesn’t even see the photo files, you can pass a Flickr original image URL directly to the Picasa API. This means the service is fast and reliable. All you need to do is log in with both Flickr and Picasa, and then check the box against the set you would like to migrate. The site will then provide a progress update on the migration status. Google Plus albums and Picasa albums are currently pretty much the same thing, so these migrated albums are available straight away in the Google Plus interface for sharing with your friends.

Please give it a try and let me know what you think!


Scott with Liberty

Originally uploaded by Scott Savage

Just a couple of weeks into my new job and I am off to NYC for the first time to get trained up. I left Friday morning Australian time and arrived Friday afternoon ET, despite the fact there were 20+ hours of flight time in between (seriously dreading the flight back). In the two days that I have had I have tried to hit all the top sites; Central Park, 5th Avenue, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, a Knicks game and the Apple store. 🙂 Check out my Flickr for more photos, I should keep uploading new photos pretty regularly. The weather has been great so far, plenty of snow on the ground but some blue skies and no wind. Loving it!!

Bushfire Photos

Burning Trees BushfireThe bushfires in Australia have been simply unbelievable this year. They always flare up over summer, but after a few cooler summers they have come back harsher than ever. So far 108 people have died in Victoria, which is a staggering number. It is difficult to understand the fear people must feel when the fire is moving so quickly that it can overtake them while they are fleeing in a car. If you would like to make a donation there are details here.

For everyone in Australia that lives near bushland, I really recommend you get serious about data backup. Every time these events occur nearly every person affected talks about the photos and memories they have lost. This is preventable. Get yourself a photo scanner (or pay someone to scan them for you) , get a Flickr account, and start uploading! The added benefits include you can actually share these photos with family and friends, and they won’t ever fade or be damaged. I even think it should be added to the “Fire Ready” plan put out by the Rural Fire Services. The less you have to carry and think about in an emergency the better.

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