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Admonsters Presentation on “The Future of Video”

AdMonsters logoOn the 22nd of March 2012 I attended the 2nd ever Admonsters Conference in Sydney, Australia. I presented on the Future of Television, and chose to focus on my personal perspective around the accelerating convergence of video advertising and content as it moves online. My inspiration sprouted from statistics and creative used in Robert Kyncl’s CES talk and some video engagement ideas from Kevin Allocca.

It was an honour to be able to present in front of colleagues in the same niche profession, especially in my home town which is a geographically obscure place to be doing such a role. My biggest mistake was underestimating their involvement with video advertising – I thought the number would be around 10%, but it turns out 80% of them work with video. It was exciting to see the local market maturity, but it was a little humbling to see all those hands raised at the end of an entry level video presentation. I did however thoroughly enjoy the presentation and I received a number of comments from others that really got something out of it. I really do feel that content marketing is a massive growing area, however I acknowledge that it’s a difficult area to strike a perfect balance in. If it was easy then YouTube would have no paid advertising and I wouldn’t have a job. 🙂

If you are interested in seeing the deck I presented, then please Download the Presentation Slides.

Admonsters Sydney Members Dinner

Admonsters held their first event in Australia this week, with a members dinner at the Waterfront restaurant in Sydney. The 3 course meal was very generously provided by aiMatch on a perfect summer’s night right next to the harbour.

The event was attended by around 25 people, which made for an intimate yet comprehensive representation of the major Australian advertising operations teams. Ninemsn, Carsales, REA Group, APN, CBS InteractiveYouTube, Google and number of niche publishers were represented. It was amazing how small the industry is (I had worked with at least 5 others previously) and yet how diverse our backgrounds were. There was some reflection on this topic, in particular what qualifications you need to get into Ad Operations, and therefore what you look for in new hires.

Other issues that went around the table included the continuing friction between digital and traditional media (both internally and in the market), the National Broadband Network and how it will accelerate this structural change and the amount of hand-holding that clients are still requiring.

Overall it was a great night which really helped build relationships across what is a very fragmented online media landscape in Australia. The discussion ended with a hope that there will be a larger Admonsters conference event in the APAC region next year!

YouTube Symphony 2011 in Sydney

YouTube Symphony 2011 has launched, and the Sydney Opera House has been announced as the new final location! The program is revolving around an APAC advertiser and location, so it is an extremely exciting program for the region. Make sure you try the Augmented Reality application in the “Experiment” section.

This excitement is being driven internally by a surprisingly large and distributed number of Australians based all around the world. I was at the launch event at the Opera House on Wednesday morning, and every Google employee who spoke was Australian! It was quite an inspiring moment for an Australian in IT like myself looking to make an impact globally. Working on the project has already been an amazing experience, and things have only just begun.

I guess Symphony is already achieving its goal to be a globally inspiring program.

TEDxSydney Talks on YouTube

Today I was the guest author on the Official Google Australia blog! I helped the guys from TEDxSydney upload and present their valuable content on a non-profit brand channel. It is great to see so many talented Australians contributing to the huge public pool of knowledge that TED and its derivatives are generating. These HD quality videos really are the best way of transferring and retaining this knowledge.

Burwood Festival 2009

My second festival for this Spring weekend was a bit closer to home, the Burwood Festival. It was held on Burwood Road and in Burwood Park. I remembered my camera this time, so here are some photos:

Burwood Festival tents

Burwood Festival Tents

Burwood Road closed for Burwood Festival

Burwood Road closed for Burwood Festival

Burwood Festival model boat show

Burwood Festival model boat show

Mustangs everywhere

Mustangs everywhere

...and plenty of Fiats

...and plenty of Fiats

Stalls and pavillion

Stalls and pavillion

Sydney Airport Noise

sydneyairport_city_bgSydney Airport (SYD) is one of the oldest continually operating airports in the world. This also means that the city of Sydney has slowly grown around the airport over the years, with many people now living directly under the flight path. This is particularly true for those in the inner west. When buying a home in this area it is important to do some research as to whether you will be affected by the flight paths. The weekend flight paths are often very different from those during the week. The street seems sleepy and quiet during the Saturday Open for Inspection, but during the week you might be able to feel the windows rattle as a 747 thunders in to land. The curfew from 11pm until 6am does help, however airlines are allowed to break the curfew (for a fee) and of course a curfew is not guaranteed to stand forever (especially now that Macquarie Bank owns the airport).

Sydney Airport Noise Contours - Q3 2008

Sydney Airport Noise Contours - Q3 2008

So what can you do? The first website you should visit is the Air Services Australia site, in particular their Noise Exposure Index Reports section. Attachment D is particularly interesting, the report provides noise contour charts that are overlaid on an abstract map of Sydney. The various coloured lines and shading show the regions exposure to aircraft noise. The noise contours for July-September 2008 are shown to the right. The rest of the report is also interesting, as it shows changes in noise and movements over time, notes reasons for some of the changes (i.e. the east west runway currently being closed due to a safety upgrade) and the types of planes.

Some of the councils affected by aircraft noise also have noise exposure reports on their websites (although they are often difficult to find). For example Marrickville Council provides a Australian Noise Exposure Forecast 2023/2024 (ANEF) Map. This provides forecasted noise exposure information to those people looking to live in or around the Marrickville region. This means you can not only see what the noise levels are like currently, but also predict whether you will be affected in the future. With constant delays and indecision still preventing the construction of the second Sydney Airport, it seems wise to plan for aircraft noise being a staple of Sydney for a long time to come.

Microsoft Technet Presentation

I will be attending the Microsoft Technet presentation that Jeff Alexander announced on his blog recently. This should be a great session for those
(like myself) who may not want to upgrade yet, but are making decisions now that will ease the upgrade path in the future. The agenda is as follows:

Part 1, 60 mins: Group Policy Deep Dive: Managing Policy Features, Troubleshooting,
Settings in Enterprise Environments

Lets face it, you’re not going to deploy Vista overnight but at some stage you will begin to think about the incremental additions to your network. So what do you need to know in order to get ready for it? There’s new policy settings and other stuff that you need to know about before you begin the deployment process. This session tells you all of them!

Part 2, 60 mins: Longhorn Server: The Technical Overview

Before you know it Longhorn Server will be upon us. There’s so much in it to understand though and so little time to understand what each bit does. In this session we’re going to go through the top 10 things in Longhorn Server that customers asked us for
and we’re going to show you all about it! This will be a engaging and demo heavy session that shows you why you will want Longhorn Server!

Sound good? You can register for the Sydney session here. Hope to see you there!!!

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