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noontec gigalink n5

Noontec Gigalink N5 Firmware Update

noontec gigalink n5The Noontec Gigalink N5 is a NAS media that has a few nice features – including DLNA, BitTorrent, a web interface and BYO hard drive.

The problem is that it doesn’t really work very well. The 30mm fan is noisy and isn’t variable based on case temperature, sometimes it doesn’t turn off, UPNP doesn’t work, you have to wipe your hard drive before installing, the website got laced full of malware for a week… the list goes on. Basically it’s bargain basement electronics.

Anyway I managed to get in contact with one of their engineers, who provided me with an updated firmware package (which for some stupid reason is not listed on their website). The best part about this update over the stock firmware is that it includes an online firmware update function. This means hopefully this is the last manual firmware update you need to do. It really is a big improvement, although for some reason the UI is now increasingly inconsistent.

Click here to download the NAS_J1.04D_Ver2.1.7_USB2.0.bin firmware update for the Noontec Gigalink N5 (zipped up).

Folding Update

Just a quick update regarding my folding progress! If you have been watching my folding statistics on the left of this site you will have noticed that I have achieved my goal of breaking into the top 100 folders for Overclockers Australia. Seeing as OCAU are currently running 2nd in the world for folding that is quite a solid effort. It was helped by the fact that I won FBOX57, the 57th box given away as a prize for loyal folders (you can see the announcement here). The box is a late model p4 that seems to ripping up the FU’s at the moment.

So what else is new? Well I am working full time now, and we celebrated another year with another great xmas party at the Quay Grand down at Circular Quay. After lunch we moved up to the bar there, I found a picture of the view:

Quay Grand Sydney

It is pretty crazy to think that I am one of the longest serving employees at Naiman Clarke, it has been almost 3 years now! Speaking of which we have just launched a new website, please take a look and tell me what you think. Over the holidays I will be performing some more work on the server and back-end software, hopefully the front-end will stay pretty stable for some time to come. It is a really exciting time for me as the work I have been doing for the last 12 months is finally coming to fruitition. It will be really great to see it all in action. I believe that in 6 months time (once the bugs are all gone and all features are operational) we will have the most advanced recruitment system ever created. Well I might be arrogant, but what is the point in aiming for 2nd best? 🙂

Folding Stats Update

As you can see I have added my folding statistics to the right hand column of my website. You can now track my folding progress! I am still going pretty strong having recently cracked the 400k points barrier. I have a new celeron D computer coming online next week, hopefully followed by a big increase as I set up some more computers at work.Anyway I highly suggest some more people join up and start folding with Overclockers Australia today!

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