Intel, Motorola, HP and NEC are embracing the upsurge in wireless hotspots in an effort to take mobiles into the land of wireless broadband.

Intel today announced they are developing a single chip solution that will allow mobile phone users to seamlessly switch between mobile and Wi-fi base stations as they talk. Voice over IP (VOIP) will be used to stream the voice data over the wireless broadband networks at a considerably cheaper rate for both the service provider and the mobile user. Intel’s announcement comes on the heels of similar announcements from rival microprocessor producers over the last few days.

The new “Hybrid Chipset” phones would most likely operate on an 802.11b system, which would make them compatible with the new Intel Grantsdale chipset, Centrino based laptops, inexpensive wireless network cards as well as ADSL and cable modems with wireless capabilities. This opens up a number of other possibilities, including having your mobile calls utilising your home wireless network.

The push towards wireless broadband is well and truly on, with the new chips to be ready for production next year.