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There is a simple reason why my blog hasn’t been updated lately, I have been absolutely snowed under with Uni work. Primarily the work is related to my thesis. You can read my thesis blog at the Usyd portfolio website or even read the RSS feed. The project I am working on is developing a CRM […]

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Microsoft is trying so hard to be cool. It really isn’t fair, why is Apple considered cool just because they have pretty white cases? How has Apple managed to break the nerd image that Microsoft is so desperately trying to shake with the mainstream audience? The Xbox and now the Zune are Microsoft’s best attempts […]

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The following photo set shows the progress of the rack rebuild that I performed yesterday. It starts with the old rack setup and then progresses through each level of the build: It was good fun putting all the new equipment into the rack, but it is very time consuming especially when everything needs to be […]

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Tonight I performed a tower-to-rack conversion of the Naiman Clarke primary server, a new Dell Poweredge 2900. You may ask why we didn’t just get the rack mountable 2950 version to start with? Well that IS what we ordered, however Dell got a little confused along the way. Anyway they made it up to us […]

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Long’s post about talking to customers sparked my interest due to my current thesis work surrounding CRM packages. It raises a very interesting question, and that is do these companies genuinely not care or are they not capable of caring? A company can only ‘appear’ to be capable of caring if it has invested in systems that ensure each […]

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006 at 19:18 1 comment

Sorry for not posting earlier, I had some problems with dasBlog! (or rather FreeTextBox). Anyway they are resolved now (thanks to a helpful post). The photos below are from RiverFire 2006, a fireworks show that is run every year in Brisbane in Australia. The photo on the left shows the Story Bridge lit up with […]

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After much demand I decided to place the extracted icons on this website. They are available in a zip file and are mostly in 48×48 ico files (there are a couple that were only available in 32×32). You can now pretend to have Office 2007 B2TR on your computer! Pity there isn’t an easy way […]

Sunday, September 3rd, 2006 at 16:18 6 comments

Well this was a bit of a surprise to myself and I think most other people! RC1 has come just a couple of weeks (barely) after the August CTP and is a later build number than expected (5600 instead of the 5536 most people expected). I am downloading the x86 version right now and will […]

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