There is a simple reason why my blog hasn’t been updated lately, I have been absolutely
snowed under with Uni work. Primarily the work is related to my thesis. You can read
my thesis blog at the Usyd
portfolio website
 or even read
the RSS feed
. The project I am working on is developing a CRM system for a
small/medium business, in this case my employer, Naiman
. It is an extremely interesting project for me and I really hope that when
it is completed it sparks some interest inside and outside the University. Essentially
it is a best practice framework for a small or medium enterprise (SME) to implement
a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA), and it uses a Customer Relations Management
(CRM) solution as an example. Lots of acronyms I know, but it takes it a lot further
than your standard implementation and reveals some (I think) unique spins on SOA.
Ah well I will publish it on this site once it is completed, perhaps it will get picked
up and published somewhere… 🙂