Happy New Year everyone! I wish you all a happy and prosporus 2007!

I was in the Sydney CBD for the fireworks last night. I didn’t take any photos (taking
a tripod into bars is not a great idea), but I did manage to find a few online already
this morning that were quite impressive. The first below gives you a rough idea of
why Sydney has the most amazing fireworks show in the world, our harbour is naturally
shaped as a perfect stage. The other two photos are close-ups of some of the smaller
fireworks barges (with some clever use of lens and timings).



So what is new for me in 2007? Well it is starting off at full pace, with my new CRM
system getting a complete roll-out in January. I will be working my ass off I suspect,
but it will be amazing when it is all up and running. I am sure there will never be
a day when it is 100% finished, something like this is more about the pursuit of perfection
rather than the achievement of it. The business will be changing a lot over the next
12 months as well, I am sure that will significantly add to my workload. I am looking
to take on a junior helpdesk/developer in the next month or two, so if anyone is interested
please contact me. It should be a very exciting year! 🙂