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It is all happening in the world of Australian Online RealEstate tonight! The board have announced the immediate departure of their long serving (since 2001) CEO, Simon Baker. This was a huge surprise, although the fact that he sent out about 50 LinkedIn recommendation requests to people (myself included) late Friday night should have been a bit of a warning. Anyway at least Domain isn’t having the last laugh, their website is currently completely broken, simply stating that “an unexpected error has occurred”. I would say their support team are going to wake up to hundreds of thousands of error emails and a big headache tomorrow.


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  1. Wow, big news..

    I too received a request and obliged but didn’t follow up as a good recruiter should have to see what was up.

    Where has he gone?

  2. Nowhere, he was actually removed by the board! I wonder how many CEO’s have been removed after delivering a 46% annual profit increase (repeatedly).

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