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Google Adwords Certified Individual

On the 30th of June I became Google Adwords Qualified in the category of Display Advertising. To achieve this I had to complete 2 120 multiple choice question tests with a pass mark of 85% or above. You can check my qualifications here:

Google Adwords Qualified – Display Advertising

Proves that Google dogfoods its own qualifications. 🙂


New host, new look!


Windows Mobile 6.5 fails to ActiveSync with Google Apps


  1. Noone

    It says your profile is unavailable. (Mine does too.) I hope they fix it soon. This sucks.

    • admin

      This was fixed today. Thanks for letting me know, I filed the bug and it was done! 🙂

  2. Kevin Kim

    Hi Scott,
    This is Kevin Kim. I hope you still remember me.
    Congratulation on your qualifications – Adwords.
    This is very nice blog. My package composer has been changed twice(I do not know why it has been changed, I am with the 3rd one now), and I think that is why the process has been delayed two weeks or so. I hope we can meet soon.
    Have a nice day!

    • admin

      Of course I remember you Kevin! Good luck and hopefully I will hear some good news soon!

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