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Download Office 2007 Icons

After much demand I decided to place the extracted icons on this website. They are available in a zip file and are mostly in 48×48 ico files (there are a couple that were only available in 32×32). You can now pretend to have Office 2007 B2TR on your computer! Pity there isn’t an easy way to update your splash screens… 🙂


Office 2007 Icons

Access 2007 Icons

Oops I forgot to post Access 2007 icons too:

Office 2007 Icons

These are a look at the new Office 2007 icons. I have a copy of build 4228 of Office and had a little look into the files with XN Resource Editor. I found some other interesting things as well, including a few PNG’s, AVI’s, some WSDL web services, javascript and the icons for all the different filetypes!

The icons are a big improvement on the Office 2003 icons. The only new one I don’t have are Visio, Infopath and Money. You can see pictures of these on Long’s blog.

Here is the zip file with the .ico files:

Office 2007 Icons

Some more interesting finds to come… 🙂

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