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Download Office 2007 Icons

After much demand I decided to place the extracted icons on this website. They are available in a zip file and are mostly in 48×48 ico files (there are a couple that were only available in 32×32). You can now pretend to have Office 2007 B2TR on your computer! Pity there isn’t an easy way to update your splash screens… 🙂


Office 2007 Icons


Vista goes RC1


RiverFire 2006


  1. Javier

    Very nice icons

  2. Nicola Dolan

    Thanks for the icons

  3. Martin

    Hey Scott,

    Any chance of reposting these icons as I’ve downloaded the zip and it seems to be corrupted?? Tried it with a couple of browsers/winzip/7zip


  4. krume

    nice icons

  5. George


  6. Dima

    Thank you so much!

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