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3D Printing a Sportomatic brake pedal rubber

Owning a classic car is a great experience, particularly when there’s a huge community to help you solve problems and find parts. Sometimes however there’s a part that just isn’t made anymore, and one of those is the Porsche 911 Sportomatic Brake Pad (Part#: 905-423-511-00). Not even Pelican Parts can help me, and on forums second hand ones are selling for anywhere from US$90-175. That’s a lot of money for what should be a <$20 piece of rubber.

My work happened to purchase a Form2 3D printer, which has the option of printing in a flexible resin. So I made a 3D model of the brake pedal using my very well worn one as a template and extrapolating what it would have looked like pre-wear, and printed it!


Here’s a side by side comparison of the two pads, once I had trimmed off the support lattice. You can see very clearly how badly worn my old pad was:


I was very happy with the look and feel. The edges were a little more square than the original no doubt was, and perhaps it wasn’t quite as flexible – but the grip level was great and it was more than flexible enough. After some minor trimming with a Stanley knife of the back edge, it fitted perfectly!

In total I calculate it cost around $12 of resin (~50mL), so it’s a significant saving. Now I just need to see how it wears over time.



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  1. Tomas Rendl

    Hello, nice work. I have also Porsche 911 T / 1970 ) sportomatic and I would like to buy sportomatic brake pedal. But I had no success. Can you produce one piece for me ? Or if can you send me g-code I can ask somebody for printing me in Prague. Thanks Tomas

  2. Muf

    I’m also interested in one. Have you or Tomas managed to produce some extra pieces?

  3. Will

    Hi Scott, Any chance I could get a copy of your .obj or stl file so that I can print one myself? (To save me time having to redraw it.) Cheers, Will

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